4 Benefits of Using a Framework

A framework can be defined as an agreement with suppliers to establish terms governing contracts that may be awarded during the life of the framework

In simpler terms a framework is a general term for agreements that set out terms and conditions for making specific purchases. Let’s look at the four beneficial reasons, why you should consider implementing a framework agreement for your public sector organisation.

1. Avoid extensive contract delays

Utilising a framework agreement for your organisation’s needs, lets you avoid the inevitable contract delays that occur when negotiating contracts. When an organisation implements a framework, a supplier can start working on previously agreed terms and conditions, delivering an approved conventional format with the range of framework suppliers. Customers can save time when selecting a supplier from a framework agreement without taking other additional offers. 


2. The tender process is completed for you

When public sector organisations seek out a framework agreement the required steps are completed for you. Meaning the selected supplier may begin fulfilling their role and meeting the clients’ individual requirements. When organisations bid to be accepted onto a framework there are expectations that must be met, including meticulous regulations, resulting in organisations being aware that a certain level of standards have been met.

Frameworks can serve as a reminder to clients that they must meet the set requirements of the framework in that time. As a result, organisations continue to enhance their services offered ranging from improving on their digital resources and solutions.


3. Remain competitive & full support is available

Customers can benefit from the buying power of a framework as its helps to keep fees low and remain competitive, providing opportunities for savings with more advantageous government rates which may not be readily available to other organisations with lower traffic amounts. A framework agreement also provides full support to its public sector clients, including access to impartial and expert advice when you need it.


4. Gain further industry experience

As a framework customer you will have access to the in-depth knowledge and expertise of its procurement services to assist you going forward. With a range of carefully chosen suppliers across a diverse list of industries, customers can be confident in knowing they are compliant and fully protected.

Framework agreements come with their own terms and won’t necessarily meet the requirements of every potential customer. Finding the most applicable framework for your organisation may take time to receive the most long-term benefits. Overall, each framework brings its own suppliers with industry experience, buying power and the capacity to direct award.


As a Travel Management Company, Selective Travel Management has years of experience with utilising framework agreements. Selective Travel Management is one of only three suppliers to the KCS Procurement Services framework for corporate travel, meetings, and events and is the No. 1 supplier.


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