4 Myths Dispelled of Teaming Up with a TMC

There are many common myths when it comes to understanding what a TMC does and doesn’t do

This blog will dispel four common myths and identify the key benefits a TMC provides.

1. Employees will lack the flexibility when arranging future business trips  

A common myth on partnering with a Travel Management Company (TMC) is that you no longer will have any flexibility when arranging future business trips. When in truth this is a misconception as TMC’s provide each client with a broad selection of customised transport, accommodation, and vehicle hire options that will fulfil their business travel requirements.

At Selective Travel Management, our specialised team utilises our innovative booking platforms to deliver personalised options for every client. We have developed a range of bespoke platforms to minimise the time, effort and costs incurred when arranging corporate travel.

Our team of experts have access to specialised industry booking platforms to deliver the best value of service and streamlined booking processes for our customers. Our Online Booking Tool gives clients additional control over their bookings with 24/7 access on any device. 

2. Using a TMC is more expensive

Prior to partnering with a TMC, some companies often believe that it’s an expensive service and outside of the company budget. To avoid an expensive price tag, employees are often tasked with booking travel plans themselves with an expectation of delivering cheaper results. However, what often occurs is travel arrangements are booked last minute incurring higher priced rates and fewer alternatives to choose from.

When managed efficiently, businesses can expect a consistent positive return on investment when working with a TMC. When you partner with Selective Travel Management you will benefit from the exclusive rates and negotiated fares we provide. The industry knowledge and expertise for finding the best deal that fits within your company budget is invaluable. At Selective Travel Management, we continue to renew our yearly contracts with key suppliers helping to reduce travel fares for all our clients.

3. Employees can solve any potential travel disruption issues alone

Over the years consumers have evolved to book their own leisure travel plans, creating the assumption that corporate travel planning is of similar ease. Yet business travel requires further research, additional steps, and industry expertise that only TMC’s can deliver. Admist the chaos of the past two years, and witnessing travel’s continued resurgence, TMC’s real value is more evident than ever.

TMC’s access to technology and industry knowledge works to solve many travel issues that may occur, which travellers would struggle to solve alone. Selective Travel Management guarantees to meet your Duty of Care expectations and provides both safety and security to your travelling employees in the case of an emergency, disrupted or cancelled travel.

4. The process of partnering with a TMC is too complicated

When replacing the standard company travel procedures and partnering with a TMC for the first time, it may seem like an extensive process. However, this is not the case. When you partner with a TMC it’s both an effortless and uncomplicated experience. You will gain access to a dedicated team member to provide support and guidance on the correct transition procedures.

Our implementation team at Selective Travel Management is well experienced with implementing both smaller and larger clients, taking the time to understand their needs and consistently providing fine-tuned travel solutions whilst including each individual client’s requirements.

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