Travel Trends for 2022

If 2021 was the year we turned the page on the pandemic, 2022 will be the year we adjust to new realities

In anticipation of 2022, we are looking at the forecasted travel trends for the new year and what will influence travellers’ journeys as they continue to navigate the ongoing pandemic.

1.      Business Travel is Back on the Agenda 

With the successful uptake in vaccinations and the easing of global travel restrictions, the time has come for the return of business travel. Due to the pandemic, video calls became the immediate solution to replacing face to face communication, yet video calls lack the ability to communicate nonverbal cues exhibited when meeting in person. The desire to meet face to face is accelerating and proves that business travel is ready to take off in late 2021.

Amadeus data has proven that business travel is at the forefront of people’s minds, with 72% of business travellers keen to travel in the next year, and half of travellers stating they will be flying for business by the end of 2021. The return to business travel is a victory, when for so long it felt inconceivable with constant lockdowns. All signs point to a sharp uptake in business travel, with video calls taking a back seat for some in 2022. 

2.      Climate Conscious Travel

Climate conscious travel is remaining a top priority for us all, with 87% of global travellers now wanting to travel sustainably ( For airlines, the focus is on minimising carbon emissions whilst pursuing net zero targets by 2050. For travellers, it’s considering transport options that emit reduced carbon emissions such as public transport, electric cars, and booking flights with companies who have functional methods in place to offset carbon emissions.

For business travel, it’s extending a work trip (known as ‘Bleisure’) for a more balanced form of travel and spending time and money in an area that’s suffered from a lack of tourism. Climate conscious travel is no longer a trend; it’s a way of navigating a path to a safer climate for all. Using a TMC such as Selective Travel Management will help businesses to achieve a more sustainable future in travel, with sustainability at the forefront of our plans for 2022.

3.      Business Travel Guidance  

Uncertainty will remain a constant when it comes to travel in 2022 and keeping track of covid regulations is vital to avoid travel disruption. With that in mind, it is inevitable that corporate travel policies will have to become more flexible to meet the needs of the 2022 business traveller.

Travellers will be seeking relevant guidance for their future business trips in 2022, and with so much more to consider, it’s imperative that travellers have a straightforward journey. To achieve this, a resource is required to gain access to urgent information including current covid regulations, travel restrictions, and vaccination and isolation requirements. As government covid rules are everchanging, it’s challenging to be correctly informed as an independent traveller.

A TMC such as Selective Travel Management will provide this information and act as a personal touchpoint in times of need. We have experienced staff with the knowledge and expertise to provide the assistance and 24/7 travel advice you require. This reassurance will contribute to the success of various industries in the coming months of 2022.

4.      Safety Practices Lead the Way

As we enter 2022 with the threat of Covid still looming, health and safety measures must remain present. The pandemic has created a shift in the behaviour corporate travellers, with trust and safety leading the way at 64%, last minute change or flexible cancellation at 39% and last-minute bookings falling behind at 29% (BTA). The increase in corporate travellers’ expectations for safety must be met to solidify the continuation of business travel in 2022.

A report by BTA shows that 74% of corporate travellers now demand a duty of care and risk management procedure before making a booking. At Selective Travel Management, we can fulfil your duty of care requirements by delivering proactive safety, security, and assurance for your travellers. Using our Risk Management technology, we proactively monitor your traveller’s journey and provide real time alerts in the case of cancelled or disrupted travel.

5.      New Business Travel Markets on the Rise

More and more corporate travellers are taking trips to India and Indonesia as they take larger shares of business travel spending. So much so that these countries are now accounting for 11.3% and 8.7% of market growth. Whilst the US market continues to outperform other markets in spending (WTTC), a report by Hospitalitynet suggests that Asia has become the world’s largest business travel market, opening up a range of new opportunities for companies around the world. But even with new markets emerging, China will remain on top of the business travel market in the next few years.

According to Julia Simpson, WTTC CEO & President, “Business travel is starting to pick up. We can expect to see two thirds back by the end of 2022. Research shows room for optimism with Asia-Pacific and the Middle East first off the starting blocks”.

6.      The Rise of Trip Disruption Technology

Trip Disruption Technology is key for travelling in today’s everchanging climate and will be a preferred solution for business travellers in 2022. According to Amadeus, travellers don’t want any last-minute surprises, with 42% of business travellers stating they want a mobile app that provides on-trip notifications. Due to the pandemic, the threat of rescheduled flights remains significantly higher than in previous years and a mobile app with instant capabilities will provide a stress-free journey from start to finish.

At Selective Travel Management, we have developed our own (soon to be launched) Mobile App that includes risk management, mobile itineraries, automation and reporting, and service management - a must have app on your mobile phone for any upcoming business trips.

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