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Information on declaration that the Marburg Virus Disease (MVD) outbreak is over (‘Health’ page).

7th June 2023 | 03:32


Information on fines for behaviour locally considered inappropriate (‘Local laws and customs’ page).

7th June 2023 | 03:04


Updated information on lifting of all of the requirements that were in place in relation to COVID-19 ('Coronavirus' page).

7th June 2023 | 10:03

Central African Republic

Information on local elections and a constitutional referendum taking place in July (‘Safety and security’ page). Updated information on non-vaccinated passengers needing to take a PCR test before entering (‘Entry requirements’ page)

7th June 2023 | 09:20


Removal of specific information on mass gatherings which took place in May in Belgrade and other towns and cities in Serbia ('Summary' page).

6th June 2023 | 04:53

St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

Updated information on contact details for emergency services in St Helena and Ascension ('Summary' page).

6th June 2023 | 04:41

Côte d'Ivoire

Updated information on the removal of COVID-19 testing for passengers entering or departing Côte d’Ivoire ('Entry requirements' page).

6th June 2023 | 04:21


A State of Emergency in Puno has been extended for 60 days ('Safety and Security' page).

6th June 2023 | 04:15


Information on Eritrea’s land border with Sudan, local security measures and air travel, and update to Embassy contact telephone number ('Safety and security', 'Entry requirements' and 'Coronavirus' pages).

6th June 2023 | 03:03


Information on the damage to the Kakhovka dam in the Kherson region (‘Summary’ page).

6th June 2023 | 10:40


Updated information on hiring electric cars ('Safety and Security' page).

6th June 2023 | 10:16


Updated information on Storm Oscar weather warnings in Madeira, Porto Santo and the Azores ('Summary' page).

5th June 2023 | 06:53


Updated information on Storm Oscar weather warnings in the Canary Islands ('Summary' page).

5th June 2023 | 06:45


New information on entry requirements and completing an online Palau entry form ('Entry requirements' page).

5th June 2023 | 04:32


Removal of information about community quarantine restrictions (‘Coronavirus’ page). Additional information on armed hold-ups in Manila and other large cities ('Safety and security' page), and editorial changes throughout.

5th June 2023 | 02:25

South Africa

This travel advice has been updated to make it easier to read and understand.

5th June 2023 | 02:13

Czech Republic

Information about the 7 June 2023 UEFA Europa Conference League Final between West Ham and Fiorentina in Prague (‘Summary’).

5th June 2023 | 01:50


Updated information on severe flooding in the region of Emilia-Romagna (‘Warnings and insurance’ page).

5th June 2023 | 01:23


Advice for travellers going to the UEFA Champions League Final in Istanbul ('Summary' page) and removal of earthquake related information to reflect the end of the local state of emergency in that area ('Summary' and 'Natural disasters' page).

5th June 2023 | 11:03


Information on ongoing rains in some areas, most notably Beledweyne in the Hiran region ('Natural disasters' page).

5th June 2023 | 10:45

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