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Update to information on quarantine requirements and international flights ('Entry requirements' page)

21st September 2021 | 01:28


Updated information on vaccines included in Japan's vaccination programme ('Coronavirus' page)

21st September 2021 | 12:39


Update to international travel and returning to the UK on the Coronavirus page.

21st September 2021 | 12:02


Addition of information on the lifting of travel restrictions for fully vaccinated foreign citizens from November 2021. Updated information on the new 6-pronged national COVID-19 action plan ('Entry requirements' and 'Coronavirus' pages)

21st September 2021 | 11:37


New information on an attempted coup in Khartoum ('Summary' page).

21st September 2021 | 11:20

Papua New Guinea

Addition of information on the national vaccination programme. Updated information on entry and quarantine requirements for travel to Papua New Guinea ('Coronavirus' and 'Entry requirements' pages)

21st September 2021 | 10:37

The Gambia

This advice has been reviewed in full and republished without amendment.

21st September 2021 | 10:33


Information on the new entry and quarantine requirements for arrivals in Chile after 1 October ('Entry requirements’ page).

21st September 2021 | 10:19


Updates to entry requirements for vaccinated individuals and those travelling on diplomatic passports (‘Entry requirements’ page)

21st September 2021 | 09:54


Updated information on local evacuation areas due to the volcanic eruption on the Spanish Canary Island of La Palma (See 'Summary' and 'Natural disasters' pages)

20th September 2021 | 06:43


Updated information on coronavirus restrictions ('Coronavirus' page)

20th September 2021 | 05:17


Addition of information on the extension of the latest tier-based regulations until at least 3 October. Update to information on entry and testing requirements for travellers to Peru ('Coronavirus' and 'Entry requirements' pages)

20th September 2021 | 04:41


Update to information on entering Tunisia (‘Entry requirements’ page)

20th September 2021 | 03:38


Removal of information on potential flooding along the Skaftá river channel following decrease in risk ('Natural disasters' page)

20th September 2021 | 02:08


Update to information on coronavirus restrictions in Bermuda and testing requirements for vaccinated travellers ('Coronavirus' and ‘Entry requirements’ pages)

20th September 2021 | 11:43


Updated information on internal COVID-19 restrictions, COVID-19 vaccines in Lesotho and removal of some restrictions on entering the country (‘Coronavirus’ and 'Entry requirements’ pages).

20th September 2021 | 11:33

Antigua and Barbuda

Updated information on COVID-19 testing for travellers (‘Returning to the UK’), State of Emergency Protocols (‘Coronavirus’ page), beach opening times (‘Safety and Security' page), and Entry Requirements (‘Local Laws and Customs’ page).

18th September 2021 | 06:01


Update to COVID-19 entry requirements ('Entry requirements' page)

18th September 2021 | 10:05


The FCDO no longer advises against all but essential travel to Russia, based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks

17th September 2021 | 10:54


The FCDO advises against all but essential travel to Kosovo, based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks. (‘Summary’ page)

17th September 2021 | 10:54

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