Frictionless Travel

A more seamless experience for travellers

What is Frictionless Travel?

Frictionless travel is a contactless travel experience where technology is utilised to make the customer’s journey as smooth and seamless as possible. From pre-trip through to post-trip, frictionless travel is about simplifying the traveller’s journey and getting them from A to B, stress-free.

The “Now” of Frictionless Travel

Whilst frictionless travel was only a notion within the travel industry a few years ago, the force from the pandemic catapulted the concept into fruition. Driven by the advancement of mobile technology and the convenience of applications, everyday life during the pandemic was powered by this type of online technology in order to create a safe and secure environment. Think QR codes for ordering food and drinks, vaccination passports for travel, and covid passes for hospitality and venues. Contactless payments were also encouraged and only made possible through the ability to tap a card or now even, a mobile device. This type of self-service was the norm during the pandemic and may continue to be the norm for the future of travel.

Frictionless Travel in Action

  • Booking Stage - the customer is able to book their own travel online without the need to interact with another person
  • Airport Experience QR codes can be used for checking in at the airport, checking in baggage, going through security, ordering food and drink, shopping, and paying. Biometric facial recognition technology is also widely used for contactless boarding.
  • Onboard Aircraft - new advancements include updates to inflight entertainment systems where passengers can use their own device to access content and can stream content without having to download an app before boarding. On some airlines passengers can also offset their emissions whilst on board a flight.
  • Hotel - many hotels are already implementing contactless check-in procedures from credit card authorisations and passport scanning to mobile keys and QR code menus 

Selective’s Solutions:

At Selective Travel Management, we offer a full online service for a truly frictionless experience. Book travel at a time and place that suits you with our Online Booking Tool and Rail Booking Tool. Access mobile tickets for rail and save them in your digital wallet for quick and easy access on the go. Create a Traveller Profile on our Traveller Profile Suite by entering your travel details, travel preferences, and contact information for a seamless booking experience. Locate your travellers anywhere in the world with our advanced Traveller Tracking Platform. Access your travel spend and reports on your bookings via our Online Reporting Tool (Trends).

All of our technology platforms are hosted on a central platform – The Hub. Access real-time alerts, the latest travel advice, user guides, and more. Leave feedback on how we can improve or sign up to our mailing list for real-time alerts and updates straight to your inbox.

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