Post-Covid Travel Anxiety

Covid-19 has increased anxiety around travel with people being worried about their safety

As we prepare for travel to resume, it is normal to feel anxious. There may be concerns about the changes that have been made since your last business trip and you may be worried about your travel plans being delayed or disrupted; or perhaps you are just anxious about travelling again as a result of the pandemic.

Selective Travel Management can help prepare your business for a return to travel and provide you with the support you need pre-trip, mid-trip and post-trip. Your business is our priority, and it is our duty of care to ensure your employees feel safe and reassured when returning to travel. 

How to reduce travel anxiety?


Allowing Selective Travel Management to manage your businesses travel can reduce the overall worry about travel plans being disrupted or delayed. We will make sure you have the required documentation to travel and can answer any queries you have about your trip at any time. Whether you have questions about your travel plans or even how airports operate Post-Covid, we will help you get on your journey.   

We will keep you up to date with the latest travel requirements including health checks, travel advice, refund policies and any other factors you may be concerned about such as hygiene or safety.

Other ways to reduce travel anxiety Pre-Trip:

  • Make use of our online booking tool for 24/7 hassle-free bookings
  • Improve internal approval policies and make changes to your company travel policy
  • Consider buying more flexible tickets as opposed to non-flexible options
  • Create a traveller wellbeing strategy which may include updated travel safety guidelines and providing travellers with PPE including masks, gloves and sanitiser
  • Keep up to date on the latest travel guidance and enquire about anything you are unsure of


We offer 24/7 support to clients and our team of experts are on-hand to provide help and reassurance every step of the way. If you require assistance during your trip, you can gain quick and easy access to our contact details via The Hub, our bespoke online platform that offers a range of tools and services tailored to your business travel requirements.  

Our technology solutions have been created with you in mind and are ideal for use during your trip. As a client of Selective Travel Management, you can avail of our Traveller Tracking tool, Traveller Profile Suite, Travel Alerts and Travel Advice, all of which can be accessed on the go via The Hub.

We will be launching our mobile app in the coming months to include travel itineraries, risk management, reporting and automation, and service management. Our easy-to-use mobile app will contain a wealth of information from contact details and guides to boarding passes and more, all of which can be easily accessed at your fingertips.

With risk becoming a major source of anxiety after Covid-19, our mobile app will provide travellers with peace of mind before and during their trip with automated risk alerts, risk briefs and the option for travellers to report their location at the tap of a button.


Providing us with your feedback on your travel experience will allow us to identify and alleviate concerns for future travellers. We offer real-time feedback on our email communications at all stages of the booking process and provide a section within The Hub for clients to submit their ideas and/or complete our customer service survey. We value our clients’ feedback as it helps improve our services and the future experience for those travelling with us.  

If cost is a major anxiety for your business after the impact of Covid-19, our online reporting tool, Trends, can be utilised for a post-trip analysis to measure the success of your travel spend and determine areas where spend could be improved on. Our interactive dashboard displays a wide range of information from online and offline bookings to the total spend and types of travel. These reports can be exported to Excel for additional analysis. If you require further assistance or would like more detail, your Account Manager can provide offline reports to evaluate other areas for future cost-savings.

Other areas to consider:

  • You may need to consider the duty of care of your non-travelling employees
  • You may need to develop a Return to Office Policy for employees that will return from travelling abroad. This may include quarantine periods, remote working etc.

When it is safe to travel and you are ready to take that step, our team is here to help you throughout your journey and beyond. If you require cancellations or refunds, rebooking or guidance we are here to support and manage your travel, stress-free. We look forward to welcoming you in the future but feel free to reach out to us anytime.

If you would like to have your Business Travel Simplified, speak with a member of our team on (028) 9038 9007 or email