Why Data is King for TMCs

Data helps improve the client experience

You may have heard the term ‘Big Data’ mentioned quite often in recent years and whilst this type of data has revolutionised the travel industry, traditional forms of data should not be overlooked. As a client of a TMC, your data is invaluable for improving the client experience, enhancing the booking process, and providing post-trip care.

Why Data is King for TMCs:

Improving Client Experience

As a client, the more your TMC knows about you the better. By regularly booking with your Dedicated Team and building strong relationships, we can get to know your wants and needs for future bookings. In turn, this will make the booking process quicker and easier so we can provide the best service and experience at all times.

The data from your bookings will be fed into our Traveller Tracking and Risk Management platforms to monitor your journey and ensure a safe and stress-free trip from start to finish. Our team will be in touch in times of emergency or in the case of cancelled or disrupted travel. 

By signing up to our mailing list, you can stay up to date with the latest travel alerts before and during your journey as well as keeping in the loop with the latest Selective news and updates.

Enhancing Booking Process

Data is key for personalising the booking process and this has already been utilised by big travel companies through their technology and booking platforms. At Selective Travel Management, our dynamic Online Booking Tool is fully customisable with the option to:

  • Add your Corporate Travel Policy
  • Repeat past trips
  • Add custom destinations
  • Create email workflows
  • Set messages & prompts
  • Add site locations
  • View all future and historical trips

We also recommend you complete your Traveller Profile to make quick and easy future bookings both online and offline. Our Traveller Profile Suite allows you to enter your travel preferences, passport details, emergency contact information, and more.

Post-Trip Care

At Selective Travel Management, our customer service does not stop at the booking stage or at the end of your trip. As part of our consultative approach to business travel, your Account Manager will utilise your booking data to provide recommendations on how you can improve your corporate travel programme and save money on future bookings.

Our Online Reporting Tool, Trends, is a useful tool for us to send key data back to you. Choose from a number of different reports including the total spend, number of offline and online bookings, top destinations, top hotels and more. This online data can be harnessed alongside offline data from your Account Manager for an all-rounded business travel programme.

Continuous Improvement

Your feedback is vital for continuous improvement at Selective Travel Management. Through completing regular surveys, we can use the data to make future improvements on our product and service offering. You can also provide feedback at any time via The Hub, with the option to complete a customer service survey or submit an idea. We also have a real-time feedback tool implemented on all email communications so you can tell us ‘how we did’ at any given time. 

At Selective Travel Management, we take all feedback on board and are committed to the process of continuous improvement.

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