Should your business look to use a Travel Management Company in 2020?

Often enough when talking to customers, I hear the same things…’we don’t do enough travel to benefit from a Travel Management Company’, ‘We manage all our travel in house’, we’re too small of a company to need a TMC and it’s my job to book the travel’. But ask yourself, what is stopping you from benefiting from a TMC? Could you benefit from cost savings, time and resource?

No matter how big, small, or amount of travel you do, hundreds of thousands of businesses ranging from sole traders to global organisations across the globe reach out and enter partnerships with travel management companies.

It can take a big chunk of your personal time to book your travel, with so many platforms to search from and an endless list of suppliers advertising the ‘best deals’. But think about it, yes you can book your own travel in a click of a button, from anywhere in the world, it’s not rocket science, but what about if you miss your flight, you are held up in a meeting, need to fly back for an emergency, book the wrong hotel or can’t find one within your budget?

Let’s take a look at some of the core reasons why companies like yourself might turn to the expertise of a travel management company and how a partnership with Selective Travel Management can benefit you and your business…

1. Let someone else do the work…

Do you have someone responsible for booking your business travel? If yes - are they getting the best prices available? Do they follow your company travel policy? – It’s often I come across customers booking travel outside of their company guidelines. They don’t want to spend the time looking through endless suppliers, and often pick the first price they see due to convenience. At Selective Travel Management we do the work so you don’t have to. We are committed to finding you the best price for travel. You could spend less time searching and save money at the same time. With access to over special fares and relationships with all suppliers, we can ensure a stress free trip that falls within your travel policy.

2. It keeps costs down…

Is your business travel booked through one or more persons? Do you claim back through an internal expenses policy? Think about the amount of time spent by your finance team reconciling invoices and how much travel costs are being miss calculated. Sometimes it’s hard to get a true reflection of your company travel spend when extra charges are not considered when making a booking. For example, seat requests, extra baggage, car parking and transfers. With our carefully selected fees, let Selective Travel Management manage your travel and don’t get caught up in any hidden extras. Your dedicated team will send you a breakdown of three different quotes, keeping you within policy and effectively saving you money on where it’s needed most.

3. Get the best rates…

With our buying power, combined with spend, we can negotiate the best rates for your travellers. By using a TMC, you can avail of special rates, which can be cheaper than booking direct with a supplier. .

4. We are here all year round…

When an employee travels for business there is a duty of care obligation that as an employer you need to factor for. What are your duty of care obligations to your staff? What do you do in a case of emergency? Do you have the correct protocols in place? 

With unexpected disruptions to flights, airline failures, terrorism or even personal circumstances, it can be very stressful to manage your employee’s business travel. At Selective Travel Management our dedicated team of travel experts manage each employees travel with traveller wellbeing a priority across all bookings. By offering a 24/7, 365 days a week service, risk assessment tools and the latest traveller tracking technology, we can take the proactive approach and manage any situation your staff may face, getting them from A to B stress free with ease.

So to summarise – a travel management company like ourselves (Selective Travel Management) is a very cost-effective move for any business. Manage and simplify your company’s travel whilst working alongside staff with years of knowledge and expertise that can enhance any offering available.

No matter what your travel spend is as a business, partnering with a TMC can provide both resource and financial savings. Our aim is to simplify your business travel and understand your needs as a traveller, by moulding our offering to benefit you as a future partner of Selective Travel Management.

Take advantage of our no contract, no fee offer. We work with SME clients on a trip by trip basis, with no minimum spend so you can use our service as and when you want to. So what’s to lose? Chat with me today to find out more on how Selective Travel Management can be a viable option for your company travel this year.

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