Top Tips to Boost Productivity on a Long Haul Flight

Travelling can be incredibly time consuming and while Selective Travel Management can take care of the planning and the bookings, it’s down to you to make sure you make the most of your business flight! Here are a few tips on how to increase your in-flight productivity… 

PREP | Pre-flight

Seemingly small things before you fly can have a huge impact, remember to check all devices are fully charged or that you have extra batteries if you need them. It is worth considering bringing universal plugs, adapters and chargers for laptops, phones and tablets.


Depending on how dependant your work is on airport or plane Wi-Fi connections, it may be worth considering the purchase of a Wi-Fi hot spot or dongle to make sure you can work wherever you are. While these can sometimes be expensive, they can save you time and from the headache of a bad Wi-Fi connection. These can come in a range of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

PLAN | Make a to do list

Planning is a vital component of productivity, but everybody works differently and has their own style of working.  You can make simple to-do lists in order to help keep on top of what needs to get done and help prioritize and set goals.  While some travellers may prefer to use the time to tackle one big task for the duration of the flight, you may prefer to complete multiple lighter tasks and it’s important to figure out which style suits you best.

MOVE | Stretch your legs

The nature of flying makes it easy to forget just how long we can be sitting in the same place, and no matter how captivating your work could be it is important to get up and moving in order to not only increase your productivity, but also maintain your health. We recommend you try to stand up and walk up and down the aisle every few hours to help relieve muscle tension, or if you prefer even try to do some simple stretch exercises.

EAT | Feel Energised

With sometimes hundreds of people in such a small space for a pro-longed period of time, it is impossible to know exactly how many germs and bugs are circulating around and increasing your chances of getting sick- which is not ideal for the 9am meeting the next day.  Make sure you have any required vitamin supplements or pharmaceuticals with you in case you need them. Plus, it is always a good idea to bring sanitizing wipes and cleansers to minimise the chances of germ transferal. Staying hydrated should help keep away headaches and chances of flu while also working to maintain healthy kidneys and flush out toxins. Focus on water while restricting your caffeine and alcohol consumption.  It is also important to ensure you eat not just enough, but that you eat the right foods to avoid feeling sluggish or ill.

RELAX | Give yourself a break

As with when you are working at home or in the office, it is important to give yourself a break in order to boost productivity levels.  Sit back and relax, perhaps do some reading, enjoy some inflight entertainment or recharge with a nap or meditation.

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