Be Selective with your Business Travel in 2022

Let Selective Travel Management streamline your corporate travel programme using innovative technology and industry expertise

Numerous companies regard business travel as a key element of running a modern business and a contributor to their overall success. For this reason, many turn to Travel Management Companies (TMC) who have the knowledge and expertise to facilitate their corporate travel programmes.

When managing business trips alone, important factors can be overlooked such as visa requirements or covid documentation. With the chaos of the pandemic and a higher risk of travel disruption, a TMC will offer peace of mind in knowing your travel arrangements are being handled by an experienced team, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish for every traveller.

Is Selective Travel Management right for you?

At Selective Travel Management, we remove the stress of handling corporate travel plans alone and efficiently plan business trips, all within your budget. By choosing Selective Travel Management as your TMC, you will be provided with a variety of tools and resources to guide you throughout your business trips, from pre-trip planning and mid-trip support to post-trip follow-ups and after-care.

We offer a wide range of tools and support for companies who work with us:

  • Competitive and cost-effective travel rates
  • Allocation of a Dedicated Account Manager & Team
  • Implementation of your Corporate Travel Policy
  • 24/7 emergency contact and support available
  • Access to Selective Travel Management’s bespoke Hub platform
  • Access to advanced Traveller Tracking technology
  • Access to Selective Travel Management’s Online Booking Tool
  • Optional Mobile App service for added safety
  • Regular communications including Travel Alerts
  • Prioritisation of Duty of Care

With 50 years of industry expertise, we effectively combine first-rate corporate travel services with superior customer service. By working with Selective Travel Management, we can better understand your travel requirements and provide a seamless corporate travel experience for your business. We take the time to understand your needs and work in partnership to create effective travel solutions tailored to you. That is why you should choose Selective Travel Management as your TMC in 2022.

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