Top Countries for Business Travel in 2019 – New Zealand

New Zealand is the fifth top country for business travel in 2019

Slipping down 3 places from number 2 to number 5 in the top countries for business travel in 2019, is New Zealand. According to Forbes, its economic success has stemmed from the government transforming New Zealand ‘from an agrarian economy, dependent on concessionary British market access, to a more industrialized, free market economy that can compete globally’.

Why Do Business in New Zealand?

  • New Zealand is a sovereign island country, split into two main landmasses – the North Island and the South Island
  • It is located in the Southwest Pacific Ocean and has strong cultural ties with the UK, making it a great place to travel on business
  • It has similar legal and financial systems to the UK and is English speaking, making communication much easier
  • Its geographic position allows for easy access to the Pacific Island and Asian markets
  • New Zealand is GMT + 12 which although makes communication back home more difficult, allows for 24 hour working and easier communication within the Southern hemisphere
  • Its main industries include agriculture (accounting for half of total exports), horticulture, mining, fishing, tourism, film production, food and beverages, and its services sector (accounting for two thirds of total GDP)
  • New Zealand has an open-market economy and has the 3rd freest economy in the world, according to the 2019 Index of Economic Freedom (Heritage)
  • New Zealand scored within the top 20 countries for global competitiveness (World Economic Forum)
  • It has a stable and friendly business environment, scoring 1st on both ease of doing business and ease of starting a business out of 190 economies (The World Bank)
  • New Zealand is the number 1 country in the world for lack of red tape (PwC), also scoring 1st on registering property and getting credit (The World Bank)
  • According to the 2018 corruption perceptions index, New Zealand is the 2nd least corrupt country in the world, exemplifying a clean and democratic business environment (Transparency International)
  • It is also the 8th happiest country in the world in 2019 (World Happiness Report)
  • New Zealand has a favourable tax environment with no inheritance tax, no stamp duty, no general capital gains tax, no local or state taxes, no payroll tax, no social security tax and no health care tax (PwC)
  • Its official currency is the New Zealand Dollar (NZD), which is currently much weaker than the £, $ and €, meaning more spending money for your next business trip (XE)
  • New Zealand has a strong infrastructure system in place to support its dependence on external trade, rugged terrain and scattered population. It has 23 ports and 6 international airports.
  • Both the North and South islands of New Zealand enjoy a moderate, maritime climate with temperatures getting colder as you travel south. January and February are the warmest months with average temperatures of 20-25˚C  whereas July is the coldest month with average temperatures of 12-16˚C
  • Voted as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, New Zealand has beautiful scenery and a diverse landscape with everything from volcanoes and mountains, to glaciers, beaches and lakes. This is a must-see location for your next ‘bleisure’ trip…

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