Top Countries for Business Travel in 2019 – Denmark

Denmark is the seventh top country for business travel in 2019

Remaining at number 7 in the top countries for business travel in 2019 is Denmark. According to Forbes, ‘this thoroughly modern market economy features advanced industry with world-leading firms in pharmaceuticals, maritime, shipping, and renewable energy, and a high-tech agricultural sector’.

Why Do Business In Denmark?

  • Denmark is a sovereign state country located in Southern Scandinavia comprising of a peninsula and over 400 islands
  • It is a gateway to the Scandinavian, Baltic and North European markets and is close in proximity to the growing economies of Germany, Sweden and Poland
  • Denmark has a pro-business environment and is known as a culture to enjoy a good business deal, scoring 3rd in the world for ease of doing business (The World Bank)
  • Doing business in Denmark is very similar to doing business in the UK
  • According to Transparency International, Sweden is the least corrupt country in the world. This is exemplified by its equal distribution of wealth, equal rights and extensive welfare system
  • Denmark has a high standard of living and is the 2nd happiest country in the world (World Happiness)
  • Its official language is Danish but English is widely spoken. Denmark scored 5th on the English Proficiency Index making communication much easier (Education First)
  • Denmark is a member of the EU but not the Eurozone. Its official currency is the Danish Krone (DKK) which is currently weaker than the £, $ and € meaning more spending money for your next business trip (XE)
  • Denmark has a world-class R&D and Life Science industry and is a world leader in Cleantech. Danish companies control 1/3 of the global wind market
  • Denmark has a thoroughly modern and extensive infrastructure system in place to connect its separate land masses as well as to link to the rest of the world
  • Copenhagen Airport has featured heavily in the world’s best airports rankings. Denmark is also the 6th largest shipping nation in the world, ranked by the amount of operated tonnage
  • The time zone in Denmark is GMT + 2 making communication within Europe and back home much easier
  • The climate of Denmark is cold in the winter and mild in the summer. The hottest month is July with an average temperature of 17°C and the coldest is January with an average temperature of 0°C
  • Denmark is known for its food innovation both nationally and internationally. With some of the world’s best chefs and restaurants located here, this is definitely a stop for your next ‘bleisure’ trip…

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