Most Important Travel Factors 2023

Our survey demonstrates the key factors when booking business travel in 2023

We recently conducted a survey asking our clients what factors they consider most important to them when booking travel in 2023. The key factors are discussed below in order of priority.

Key Factors

1. Customer Service

Customer service leads the way as the most important factor when booking travel in 2023. With so much disruption in recent years and a greater dependence on TMCs, accessing a reliable customer service is essential for a successful travel management programme. At Selective Travel Management, our staff are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to resolve any issues travellers may encounter. We also provide a 24/7 out of hours service, so travellers can speak with a team member at any time for support.

2. Price

With the cost-of-living crisis and rising costs in virtually every industry, it’s no surprise that price is the second most important factor when booking travel in 2023. As budgets become tighter, businesses are looking to their TMC to provide value for money and to help make their travel budget stretch that little bit further. At Selective Travel Management, we have access to multiple booking systems and exclusive fares to ensure the best price when booking travel. Our buying power and supplier relationships often lead to cost savings that can’t be found elsewhere. We understand the need for cost efficient travel and ensure our rates fall within your company travel policy.

3. Online Bookings / Technology

Technology became a lifeline during the pandemic and accelerated the demand for new and emerging technologies. Businesses are looking for more autonomy over their travel bookings and are seeking access to technologies that offer self-servicing and transparency. For this reason, online bookings and the availability of technology are a key factor when booking travel in 2023. At Selective Travel Management, we offer a full online service for those who want to take their travel management programme into their own hands. From our Online Booking Tool and Traveller Tracking Platform to our Traveller Profile Suite and Online Reporting Tool, we offer an online solution to suit your travel requirements.

4. Direct Routings to Minimise Time Travelling

As business travel bounces back from the pandemic, the travel landscape and what travellers are looking for has changed drastically. Convenience is now a key factor to ensure a smooth and seamless experience that no longer involves long layover times or waiting around for the next leg of the journey. At Selective Travel Management, we offer direct routes wherever possible (unless stopovers are requested) to ensure we meet your travel preferences each and every time. If you prefer to travel direct, let your dedicated team know and we will aim to provide you with a cost and time efficient option.

5. Sustainability

Sustainability has remained a hot topic within the travel industry for many years with travellers seeking more eco-friendly ways of getting around. Our survey demonstrates that sustainability is still in the mix of priorities when booking travel in 2023, although not as high as in previous years. As many companies begin to work towards net zero targets, providing eco-friendly travel options is essential going forward. At Selective Travel Management, we provide our clients with sustainable travel options to assist in achieving net zero targets. Our clients can choose to offset their carbon emissions when booking air travel and through a range of reports, we can identify opportunities that could be maximised to help drive traveller behaviours towards greener travel.  

6. Traveller Risk / Duty of Care

Moving down the list of priorities this year, traveller risk and duty of care have taken a step back in importance when booking travel in 2023. This may be due to the threat of the pandemic having simmered in the past year, though it does still remain a potential concern for those travelling. At Selective Travel Management we continue to exceed the standards for traveller risk and duty of care. Our traveller tracking platform and 24/7 emergency support service ensures our travellers are monitored and notified if any travel issues unfold. Our account management team can help adapt your company travel policy to ensure it is fully compliant for traveller risk, safety, and duty of care.

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