Our Services - Simplified

At Selective Travel Management, we make business travel simple from the get-go

Covering a wide range of business travel services including flights, hotels & accommodation, car hire, car parking, rail, events, group & conference travel and more, we pride ourselves in providing cost-effective travel solutions in line with your corporate travel policy. 

Offering both online and offline services, we work in partnership with you to ensure we meet your business travel needs through our tailored approach in line with your policy requirements. As your dedicated Travel Management Company, we will provide you with the tools, technology and services required for a safe and successful business trip. From searching and booking to managing and reporting, we have got it covered with 24/7 support and an online portal for you to take control.   

Using the latest and most innovative technology allows us to improve the experience for our valued customers and helps reduce the cost of booking for our clients. Through global suppliers, multi-source content, bundled pricing and inbound pricing, we can leverage exclusive fares for our clients, offering them a financial saving, resource saving, or both.

If you are already a client of ours, here is a reminder of our services and if you are not, here is why you should be:


Dedicated Account Manager

When working with Selective Travel Management, you will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of one of our dedicated Account Managers. Your Account Manager will act as your liaison, with the key purpose of ensuring that you benefit from and maximise the cost effectiveness of using us as your Travel Management Company. Should this be via our Online Booking Tool, Online Reporting Tool, travel policy updates or educating the Traveller / Booker on the best ways to plan and manage their travel, your Account Manager is always on hand to assist.

As we continue to extend and enhance our service offerings, your Account Manager will ensure that your company and employees are at the heart of any new developments and improvements that we make. This also includes advice on new technology implementations as well as organising training sessions and travel clinics with your company when required.

Duty of Care

At Selective Travel Management, the safety and security of your travellers is our priority. We are committed to providing a first-rate service that meets and supports your Duty of Care Policy. Duty of Care is intrinsically linked with any managed travel programme and covers things like missing a flight or even losing a passport whilst abroad. We can guide and assist with all your Duty of Care requirements for all travellers, be it Pre-Trip, Mid-Trip or Post-Trip. Your dedicated Account Manager will be happy to help in delivering a comprehensive consolidated Duty of Care programme that suits your business and allows you to manage risk more effectively.

Tools and Technology

With access to all major booking systems, Selective Travel Management will always find the perfect travel solution for you. As a client, you will have access to our cutting-edge online tools and platforms to help manage your business travel.

The Hub

The Hub is a bespoke and innovative platform that houses a wide range of online tools and applications, making it a one-stop shop for all your business travel needs. Access all our technology platforms, view user and video guides, read the latest travel advice, subscribe to our mailing list, find policies and procedures, leave feedback, and much more. During the covid-era, The Hub has provided a wealth of information to help Travellers / Bookers navigate the changing travel requirements and documents required. The Hub is available on the go, so if you need the latest travel advice or to get in touch with our team, you can access anytime, anywhere.

Traveller Profile Suite

Save time on your next booking by creating a profile on our Traveller Profile Suite within the realms of GDPR requirements. Enter your personal details, passport information, travel preferences and more so we can streamline future bookings on your behalf. If you prefer to use our self-booking tool, you can save time on future bookings as all your personal details will be securely saved.


Trends is a dynamic Online Reporting Tool that allows you to track your travel spend and generate reports to help manage travel costs. Trends displays a wide range of information that is unique to your company from online and offline bookings to total spend and types of travel. Use the interactive dashboard to view bar and pie charts or export reports to Excel for further analysis. You can view various dashboards including a Graphical Summary, Flights, Accommodation, Types of Travel and more. Your Account Manager can assist with further reports and scheduling or can help you understand how to get the most out of our reporting tool.

Online Booking Tool

Our new and improved Online Booking Tool makes it easy for you to log on and make a booking in a few simple steps. Search from thousands of travel providers to find the best rates on flights, hotels, and accommodation. With 24/7 access and access on the go, you can manage and amend bookings at a time and place that suits you. Filter search results by price, airline, hotel rating, lowest carbon and more. Paving the way for a sustainable future, our carbon filter provides clients with a quotation based on CO2 emissions, allowing them to make greener choices when travelling and helping them become more aware of their own carbon usage.  Streamline your travel processes and increase your policy compliance through approval process and options to embed risk assessment for travel in one solution.

Emergency Services

We know emergency situations can arise at any time and that travellers may need immediate assistance. We offer a range of services for our clients to help manage emergencies as quickly and effectively and as possible. Our team are trained and ready to provide expertise and confidently manage or resolve any incident that may occur during your business trip.

With 24/7 contact, 365 days a year, you can feel safe in the knowledge that no matter where you are in the world or what time of the day it is, our dedicated team are here to assist and support you. With our in-house out of hours team available to assist outside of office hours, you never have to worry about not being able to get in contact with a member of our team.

Traveller Tracking

Our Traveller Tracking system allows our team to track your employees and pinpoint their location to start to administer the assistance required. With 24/7 access available for clients, you can relax knowing exactly where your employees are anywhere in the world.

Travel Alerts 

Depending on the severity of the situation, we send travel alerts to both travellers and employers to make them aware of ongoing incidents in the world and whether it may affect their business trip. These are sent via email communications, social media channels, dedicated teams, and our new Mobile App. Our new Mobile App allows a two-way communication between Selective Travel Management and the traveller. For example, if a passenger were caught up in a major incident, we could communicate via the App to check if the passenger needs assistance. If you are interested in adding this extra service, please speak to your Account Manager.

Risk Management

Our new Risk Management software adds an extra level of security, as our team proactively monitor your traveller’s journeys and get in touch with impacted travellers in the case of cancelled or disrupted travel. With automated flight status updates, security risks, health risks and more, you can feel safe in the knowledge that our team have the tools and expertise to keep your traveller’s safe and can seamlessly be managed with the Mobile App solution.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, then speak with a member of our team on (028) 9038 9007 or email