Sustainable Tips for Eco-Friendly Corporate Travel

At Selective Travel Management we practice sustainable methods to work towards a cleaner environment for all

The phrase sustainability is repeatedly mentioned in exchanges surrounding corporate travel year after year. As the consequences of climate change are increasing in global frequency, being proactive in alleviating the travel industry’s impact is essential.

At Selective Travel Management, we understand the importance of implementing sustainable procedures to do our part in making the earth a cleaner environment for all.

This blog will highlight our sustainable travel tips to utilise on your upcoming corporate trips.

1. Implement greener transport options  

Ensuring a corporate trip is more sustainable begins in the planning stages, when choosing from the range of flights and transport options available. Consider booking a direct flight as it minimises how much fuel is used compared with a flight that has multiple take offs and landings. When you arrive in your destination seek out the public transport options as its much more sustainable and builds greater awareness of the surrounding local area. By working with our global sustainability partners, we help our clients track their carbon emissions whilst working with various offsetting programmes all of which complies with key international standards to assist in achieving your sustainability goals. Clients can also utilise our online booking tool to have more control over bookings and take advantage of the carbon friendly options.

2. Reduce plastic waste  

When travelling it can be a challenge to not use the single use plastic items that are readily available to you. To avoid this consider bringing a reusable water bottle to utilise throughout your business trip. When going through airport security bring the reusable bottle empty then refill at an available water fountain. If you do decide to use single use plastic items whilst on your trip, ensure to dispose of them correctly in the designated bin to avoid attributing to the mass consumption of plastic waste.

3. Act responsibly in hotels

When staying at a hotel even for a shorter stay you can be proactive in acting sustainably during your business trip. Most hotels will request you to place your used towels in a designated area for them to be washed and replaced. Consider if this is necessary. If you can reuse the towels, you will be contributing to lower water and energy consumption making your stay much more sustainable.

4. Choose an electric or hybrid car rental

If during your business trip you need to rent a car, investigate what sustainable options are available to you. Electric and hybrid vehicles have grown in popularity and are more commonly used worldwide. Take the opportunity to drive an electric vehicle and reduce your carbon footprint during your trip. Using an electric or hybrid vehicle will then become a regular feature in future business trips reducing overall carbon emissions.

Selective Travel Management has a gold rating and is now ranked within the top 3% list of businesses audited by EcoVadis for sustainability. Selective Travel Management were incredibly proud to be re-awarded our ISO14001 accreditation for Environmental Management in March 2022. We aim to continue our efforts with our clients in working towards an eco-friendlier future for all.

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