Travel Alert: Eurostar Travel Disruptions continue

Eurostar is continuing to urge passengers not to travel from Paris or Lille 'unless absolutely necessary' as French customs workers continue their work to rule.

The action is causing delays between one to two hours on trains from France to the UK, and it has having a knock-on effect on trains from St Pancras to France. In a statement issued by Eurostar, all Eurostar trains from Paris Nord and Lille Europe are experiencing severe delays and long queues.

The action by French customs officials is also causing delays at Eurotunnel, ferry ports and some airports, the Foreign Office has said. Members of five French unions are demanding more money and extra staff before the UK leaves the EU at the end of March. Passengers reported being asked numerous questions by officials at Gare du Nord once their luggage had gone through x-ray machines. One passenger, Chris Byrne, tweeted: "I have moved 10 metres in two hours."

Eurostar is offering passengers free cancellations and refunds if they choose not to travel. Those arriving over 60 minutes late at their destination are eligible for compensation.

The Foreign Office said: "Passengers travelling from France to the UK via the Eurostar, Eurotunnel or northern ferry ports should be aware that industrial action by customs officers is causing significant delays to all services. Some airports have also been affected. You should check with your service provider before travelling."