Travel Smarter with Selective

At Selective Travel Management we focus on providing our clients with bespoke travel solutions

As we begin preparing for a return to travel, we should also expect that travel will be somewhat different than before. As a result of Covid, many businesses have had to change up their entire work force and adapt to their teams working fully remote for a long period of time. Now as things are slowly returning to some form of normality, some businesses are taking the opportunity to rethink the way their business operates, which will ultimately change the way they and their employees travel.

Travel more efficiently

At Selective Travel Management, we work hard to ensure we meet our client’s needs. We aim to provide the best travel solutions and are committed to making corporate travel a more efficient process.


A lot has developed in the last year and technology is no doubt a lot more advanced than ever before. Throughout the pandemic we have been working to ensure we are providing our clients with the latest technology solutions, so they can enjoy a first-class experience with Selective Travel Management.

We are continuously developing our Online Booking Tool to improve user experience and enable additional features, allowing our clients to stay at the forefront of the latest technology. Our Online Booking Tool can be accessed 24/7, allowing clients to book travel at a time and place that suits them.

This year will see the launch of our mobile app, allowing clients access to their travel itineraries and risk management information - all whilst on the go. This new technology will help minimise travel risks for our travellers (a key priority in a post-covid travel environment). The app will keep them up to date with the latest travel alerts and also allow two-way communication during any travel risk situation.

Our clients also have access to ‘Trends’, an Online Reporting Tool that displays a range of data unique to their company. With price being another key factor in a post-covid world, ‘Trends’ allows our clients to review their travel spend via interactive dashboards and filtered reporting, as well as increasing awareness around different costs, routes etc. enabling them to make changes regarding future travel.

We strive to go above and beyond our clients’ needs by working closely with them to ensure they have access to the necessary tools and advice they need to travel.

24/7 Support

At Selective Travel Management, we provide our clients with 24/7 support via our in-house Out of Hours team before, during and after their journey. Our latest technology solutions from The Hub to our Mobile App allow more access to support than ever before.

Travel Policy

In a post-covid era, we recommend planning ahead. This includes having a Travel Policy in place so we are prepared to deal with any issues that may arise when travelling. We can help review your Travel Policy to ensure you are prepared for the unexpected, taking account of changing risks, costs, and the benefits of travelling for meetings to secure new business and strengthen long term relationships.

Account Management

One of the perks of being a Selective Travel Management client is that you are provided with a dedicated Account Manager, who can give your business and employees all the support they need when organising a business trip and whilst travelling. Your Account Manager can proactively drive policies and minimise costs where possible.

Sustainable Travel

Travelling smarter also means travelling more sustainably. In a post-covid world, demand for greener travel will be higher than ever before. We can help reduce your carbon footprint by offering carbon friendly solutions that meet your targets through a range of reports or via a carbon offsetting scheme. As an ethical supplier, you can feel assured that Selective Travel Management’s environmental impact and sustainability is continuously being measured and improved in line with clear objectives.


If you would like to Travel Smarter with Selective Travel Management, then speak with a member of our team on (028) 9038 9007 or email