Trending Business Travel Destinations 2023

Which destinations stand out as the top choices for business travellers for the year ahead?

1. China  

Pre-pandemic China had experienced a steady number of business travellers visiting the continent for its range of business and financial hubs. China’s largest city, Shanghai, is an epicentre for business travellers as the city focuses on manufacturing along with other leading industries including finance, technology, and retail. Shanghai has experienced significant growth via foreign investment with many international businesses thriving in the city. A primary trading hub for the other cities in China, Shanghai attracts many business travellers working within and outside the country. With China recently easing some of their Covid control strategies after almost three years of continued lockdowns, international business travellers may return to making regular trips to China for face-to-face meetings and corporate events. According to recent data, searches for international flights to China have witnessed a significant increase of 351% year on year (close to 2019 numbers).

2. Germany

According to the German travel Association DRV, before the pandemic Germany was the largest business travel market in Europe. Berlin is known as one of the main business centres in Europe, with a dynamic economic region in the heart of the EU. The strengths of the Berlin economy are based on energy technology, creative industries, healthcare, and transportation. According to the German Institute for the World Economy (IFW), the German GDP experienced slight growth of 0.3% in Q3 2022, up from 0.1% in Q2. With the diverse range of industries existing in Germany there is a wide scope of business opportunities that could interest other companies globally.

3. Netherlands

The Netherlands in recent years has become a popular destination for European and international travellers to visit for corporate meetings and events. The region boasts a high trade surplus with consistent growth and a steady business environment making it an ideal location for a business trip. The Netherlands is ideally located between Germany, Belgium, and the North Sea making it easy to reach another part of Europe or the globe. Renowned for their high broadband speeds in Europe, it’s a reliable destination for upcoming business trips in 2023.

4. Spain

According to the Guild of European Business Travel Agencies (GEBTA), business travel in the country is projected to surpass 75% of 2019 levels by the end of 2023. The projection is based on corporate travel data collected between September and October 2022. Spain boasts major industries that drive the Spanish economy including manufacturing, agriculture, and energy. GEBTA claims the intensity of the recovery of corporate travel in the Spanish market has far exceeded some of the projections made by large consultants. The Spanish economy is ranked 14th in the world as of 2021 and continues to be a popular location for business travellers around the globe.

5. Canada

Canada became a very popular destination for domestic and international business travellers throughout 2022. Depending on the industry, business travel tends to focus on either Vancouver or Calgary in western Canada, with Montreal and Toronto leading the way in the eastern side of Canada. The Canadian economy expanded by 0.7% in Q3 2022, a fifth consecutive quarter of growth, following a 0.8% increase in Q2. According to GBTA, the business travel industry is a critical driver of the Canadian economy.

Business travel is set to continue throughout 2023, despite economic difficulties and political instability. Employers are keen for employees to continue venturing on corporate trips nearby and internationally. The value of face-to-face meetings, conferences, and other events is immeasurable and brings important networking opportunities that can’t be resembled via online video calls.

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