Why Business Travel Will Make a Comeback in 2021

Many in the travel industry are concerned that new technologies will replace traditional business practices...

With remote working and virtual meetings now becoming the norm, many in the travel industry are concerned that new technologies will replace the traditional business practices of face-to-face communication and engagement. 

Whilst technology became a lifesaving solution for many businesses in 2020, these technologies act as a substitute for communication in times of a crisis and will never be able to replace the established norms of in-person meetings and contact.

As humans we are naturally relationship driven and crave physical interaction. That is why when travel resumes, people will yearn for a personal connection more than ever and will travel when it is safe to do so – whether that be for business or leisure.


Key factors on why business travel will make a comeback in 2021

Business Travel is a necessity

Most businesses are dependent upon travel for building relationships and attracting sales at trade shows, conferences, and events, however COVID-19 has prevented businesses from making and establishing these connections.

Business has had to adapt and find new ways of working, but these are only temporary measures as most businesses rely on events for exposure and gaining contacts.

According to, new opportunities for travel may arise as the working-from-home-culture may continue beyond the pandemic, leading to a rise in the number of people working remotely and the concept of ‘working-from-anywhere’ taking hold. This would result in the workforce becoming disseminated, creating the need for more employees to travel to main offices for meetings.

Amadeus’ recent report revealed that technology will continue to play a key part for businesses when travel returns, so they can receive updates on new regulations and potential disruptions.


Travel Management

Travel Management Companies (TMC’s) will become incredibly more important for business as they seek support and guidance. Gone are the days when a TMC will only book a flight or hotel, but businesses will rely on their TMC to offer enhanced levels of duty of care, regular updates on Government and travel restrictions, COVID-19 protocols, and numerous other tasks. This will all have to be done while keeping cost and sustainability at the forefront of every quote.

According to Phocus Wire, businesses will take extra precautions and implement new travel policies for their employees regarding health, safety and other factors that have become important throughout the pandemic. Business travellers themselves will want to be organised and will find reassurance in having a support system in place if travel plans are disrupted.

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